5 website tips to increase your business growth

A business website is an amazing and effective tool. But it takes time and effort to see results! If you want your website to do its job and help your business expand, you must set it up for success. We’ve compiled a list of simple website recommendations that have helped our own and our clients’ websites gain more traffic and convert more visitors.

Get Your Site Indexed quickly.

Google will index your website when it has time. Consider the number of webpages on the Internet – over 1.7 billion. Google’s bots have their hands full crawling all of those websites for modifications and fresh information. Connect your website to Google Search Console and utilize the URL inspection tool to speed up the indexing process.

Simply select ‘URL inspection’ from the left menu and enter your website’s URL. If it reads ‘URL not found on Google,’ click ‘request indexing’. You’re done.

Prioritize the User Experience

It doesn’t matter if you have fantastic content and done an excellent job of content SEO if your website is a pit of sorrow. If you want your website to help your business develop, it must be simple to use. We frequently find websites that have far too much content, far too many menus, heavy pictures that create slow page loading, and confusing navigation.

Consider what your customer needs to do when they visit your website, and then provide the simplest, most clear path to that goal. That is an excellent user experience. The easier it is for someone to utilize your website, the more likely they are to convert.

Boost Website Traffic

More website visitors equate to more potential leads or sales. So it stands to reason that one of the most effective ways to use your website to build your business is to drive traffic to it. However, just because you have a website does not mean that people are aware of it or will find it. Here are the best places to get those website visitors,


  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Referrals

Ad Campaigns

Organic search

Boost Website Conversions

This one may appear self-evident: conversions mean business growth. Many websites, however, are not adequately built to generate conversions. Conversions and user pathways can be logged using a conversion tracking system, such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics goals and events. You can even install a heatmap tool, such as Hotjar, on crucial pages to detect both strong conversion content and conversion barriers. Even if you don’t have a heatmap tool, you may check your website for conversion killers like confusing navigation, ambiguous CTA buttons, poor CTA positioning, gated content or newsletter signups that don’t have a clear explanation, or too many or unclear form fields.

Streamline Your Marketing Channels

There are numerous advantages to establishing a business website. People can look into your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can learn about your company, investigate your items, and make purchasing selections using their preferred device and location.

Another advantage of having a business website is that it integrates your marketing methods. Your website is the ultimate destination, whether you utilize content marketing, email marketing, social campaigns, Google Ads, influencer marketing, or a combination of several factors.


I hope you now feel prepared to use your company website to generate faster business growth!