Online Media Management

Do you look for inspiration in social media marketing case studies? It’s always a good idea to benchmark against your competitors or borrow ideas from them, but it’s also interesting to look at success stories from the world’s top firms. You may not have their budget, but you can always be inspired by their tactics.

Our social media team has managed a number of projects that have resulted in incredible engagement with millions of targeted people. Let’s discuss one of those case studies.

How We Work

Web creation Lab employed both paid and organic social best practices to raise awareness among funders, advisers, and initiatives. We used Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to expand clients’ networks and enhance social media engagement with potential funders. In comparison to the previous year, each channel witnessed a considerable rise in impressions, engagements, and new followers, with engagement rates far higher than industry averages.

Project Name
Online Media Management
Braro Productions
Our Role
SEO Optimization

We also deployed a social media advertising approach that featured boosted posts in the Facebook news feed as well as “dark advertising” — content that appears in the news feed but has been expressly tailored to appeal to specific audience segments and is used in highly targeted Facebook ads.


WCL utilized the Facebook platform’s advertising objectives of Brand Awareness and Consideration to build a funnel-based consumer experience that drove people to the Give to our clients’ website, resulting in an increase in direct consumer donations.

Why you need Social Media management

Given the high percentages of people who discover new brands — and become loyal to them — through electronic channels, social media management is critical for businesses. Brand loyalty generates repeat sales, whether it’s purchasing a Blu-ray from a multibillion-dollar corporation or visiting the new ice cream store every Saturday. Social media managers assist their companies in capitalizing on the growing popularity of social media platforms by developing and managing engagement, branding, and marketing strategies.

Social media is a constantly changing scene. A social media platform can be popular one day and then disappear the next. A social media manager who understands both the history and future of social media can predict changes in the social media trends.